colorado love affair

i have a requited love for colorado.  i belong here.  i feel like i’ve lived thousands of years and thousands of lives here.

and that’s not true of every place i’ve called home.  i knew some were temporal.

but not this one.

on any given day, i can open any one of my maps, put my finger on a point, and with relative ease, slip off to that place.  a place i’ve never been.  to do things i’ve never done.

pure frontier freedom.

buffalo mountain, 12,777′ and red peak, 13,189′ and mt. silverthorne, 13,357′
lower crystal lake, 11,959′
garden of the gods, 6,400′
double.  standard.  lake dillon, 9,016′
chihuahua lake, 12,251′
blue lake.  telluride.  12,220′
via ferrata.  maiden voyage.  telluride.
via ferrata II.  it’s addictive.  telluride.
lake dillon, 9,016′
boreas pass, 11,481′
mt. baldy, 13,690′
sunrise summit.  mt. bross, 14,177′
mt. bross, 14,177′
michelin man.  mt. cameron, 14,238′ and mt. lincoln, 14,295′
atop mt. democrat, 14,154′
above upper blue reservoir, 12,555′

and that’s not even the half of it.

the undisciplined tongue

6 thoughts on “colorado love affair

  1. This is a wonder of the heart, the evidence is a twinkle of the imagination, to beheld here as proof of its existance.

  2. Awesome Reid! Amazing photography! You have so many talents. Love the title of your blog! Call me when you venture to charleston.

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