everything flows // age of aquarius


home.  mississippi delta.

“sometimes i go about pitying myself, and all the while i am being carried on great winds across the sky.” -the lakota sioux

amidst the afterglow of the holidays and the promise of my january birthday, i spend a lot of time ruminating.  and gallivanting.  ruminating and gallivanting – both inside and out.  taking stock of the preceding year and dreaming of what’s to come.  letting myself (and my mind) wander but always relishing the ever-present moment.

as an aquarius (and a proper human),  i’ve always been obsessed with movement.  everything flowing.  everything morphing, changing.  it’s what keeps up alive. it’s in our nature.  primal.

maybe it’s the eagle medicine card, maybe it’s the wolf moon, or maybe it’s pure self-delusion.  but i have a certain unexplained excitement about what’s in store for me in 2017, and i’m fully prepared to embrace it all.

may the next rotation be filled with beauty and growth and kindness.  with handwritten letters and handshaken cocktails.  and may i continue to deepen my connection to the Divine, the earth, and all the beautiful souls who roam its surface.

the undisciplined tongue




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