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today could be the beginning…

denver. colorado.

…of anything you want.

did you know dr. seuss was rejected 27 times before his first book was published?  that sharon jones had a whole host of dead-end jobs before releasing her first album at the ripe, round age of 40?  i do.  in fact, i keep inspirations like these handy to remind myself that every day, every moment is an opportunity to grow your life, change its course, become who you want to be, and never be pigeonholed.

i’ve always known myself to be a dabbler—an apprentice of many, an expert of none.  i’ve been a ski tech, librarian, student, teacher, nanny.  a daughter, sister, aunt, friend.  i’ve been a photographer, gardener, artist, and (lately) freelance writer.  and for those of us who thrive on awakening, it’s oh-so comforting to know that there is truly no end to the fluid and infinite nature of this exquisite life.

sylvia plath’s fig tree story used to haunt me.  at many points i could identify with it so deeply that it was terrifying, but today it seems to carry a whole new, promising weight.

we don’t have to choose just one wonderful future.  we’re creatively and expertly designed to be capable of a multitude of true and great things.

bukowski scratches the sentiment out quite precisely:

“invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
don’t swim in the same slough.
invent yourself and then reinvent yourself
stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
change tone and shape so often that they can
categorize you.”

-charles bukowki, no leaders, please

amen, brother.

the undisciplined tongue


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