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about me

“in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,
but in the expert’s there are few.”
~ shunryu suzuki

summit of mt. whitney. 14,505′. {highest peak in the contiguous u.s.}

hello world!

i am a holistic health coach here to offer resources, guidance, and support to help you take the first step towards optimal health + wellness—whatever that means to you.

after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis just before my 40th birthday, i opted for massive action, deep personal transformation, and a radical overhaul of my diet + lifestyle. as a result, i am utterly devoted to my ever-evolving wellness journey—continually examining my priorities and values, making better choices, creating healthier habits, and enjoying a more balanced life overall. (want to join me?!)

together we will explore diverse {and controversial} topics related to diet + lifestyle choices including personalized nutrition, physical activity, stress management, self-care practices, relationships, spirituality, and more. (i.e. get ready to investigate, dig deep, and flip your mindset—about everything you think you know!)

are you eager to incite change in your life?
are you ready to take massive action?
are you open to complete transformation—inside + out?
are you earnest about investing your precious time + energy?

if so, i would love to partner with you on your health journey! click the button below to send me a message.

with love,


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